Wednesday, May 16, 2018

GS Manufacturing's Superflow External Mix Fiberglass Chopper

GS Manufacturing has designed a Chopper/Wetout System that allows the applicator to produce a consistent ratio of resin to fiberglass without the high release of emissions.  The high-torque design of GS's patented X-GUN keeps downtime at a minimum, increasing productivity.

Superflow Chopper Specs

  • Leading edge technology in Non-Atomized resin application
  • Low maintenance
  • Low pressure/Low emissions
  • Improved skin coats
  • Tangle free ceramic eyelets
  • Heavy duty boom with adjustable spring tension for operator support
  • Stainless steel resin and catalyst slave pumps maintains consistent ratios
  • External mix
  • 2 wheel units for pool resurfacing and On-site jobs


  • X-GUN can be used for gelcoat, chopping, wet-out, RTM, sprayable granite, adhesive dispensing and more!
  • Lightweight billet aluminum
  • Ergonomically designed air trigger to reduce operator fatigue
  • Modular components - spare parts are interchangeable allowing your maintenance team to stock less parts
  • No needles

For more information and pricing, call Air Equipment at 1-800-677-3487 or visit

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